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Autore: edmaier b. yung-huttle a.

Editore: prestel

ISBN: 9783791381657


COD: 9783791381657 Categoria:


The latest book by the award-winning photographer Bernhard Edmaier presents his stunning vistas of water in awe-inspiring views of our planet. In this new volume, Edmaier looks at water from both the air and the ground as a source of life and one of the most important landscapeshaping forces on earth. Readers will be enthralled by Edmaier’s stunning shots of water in all its forms (rivers and streams, deltas and floodplains, surging on the coasts, frozen in glaciers, as vaporous clouds and the spray over erupting volcanoes). Edmaier covers familiar and farflung locations on every continent: from Alaska to the American Southwest, from Costa Rica to Chile and Argentina, from Canada to Greenland and Russia, from Germany and Switzerland to Italy, Croatia, Iceland and Norway, from Djibouti to Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, along with Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica. His pictures not only document the beauty of these places, but they also tell a story of the changes our earth and its water systems are undergoing as the result of climate change (from desertification to Arctic thaw and rising sea levels). Presented in an extralarge format that magnifies both the intensity and the details of Edmaier’s work, this extraordinary and important book documents water’s power to create and destroy, to give life and take it away.