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wonders of the reef


Sottotitolo: diving with a camera

Autore: frink s.

ISBN: 9780810937857

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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Stephen Frink offers a wealth of information on the best places to go for photography underwater, the best equipment to bring along and the proper techniques for taking lasting and beautiful pictures. The author also explaines in clear and precise detail the principles governing underwater photography to help those who wish to improve their skills. He points out ways to adjust to the very different conditions beneath the waves and, in a complete chapter on techniques, he distills the lessons of his long experience, taking up such matters as how to approach sea life to photograph it well, the best ways to capture on film the natural habitats of specific kinds of marine creatures and how to work with other divers. Another invaluable chapter details the best equipment to bring along on an underwater safari and how to use it, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of a wide variety of cameras and lenses, camera housings, films and strobe lighting equipment. In precise chapter to his own dazzling photographs, Stephen Frink gives concrete examples of the capabilities of each of the pieces of equipment he describes, thus enabling the reader to visualize in advance the photographic effects that can be achieved.

Edition: 1996

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