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diver’s guide to the art of underwater photography


Sottotitolo: creative techniques and camera systems for digital and film

Autore: ferrari a.+a.

Editore: nautilus publishing

ISBN: 9789832731023

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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Discover the secrets of the world’s best underwater photographers in 360 spectacular image-filled pages in full color. Learn how you can shoot better underwater images thanks to technical tips and creative suggestions from the masters. Find out about rigorously field-tested digital and film techniques and underwater photo equipment, including lenses, strobes and camera systems. Unlock the hidden techniques which are behind imaginative framing and lighting to achieve new strinking results. From wide-angle and fish-eye to macro photography, from fish portraits to above/below split images, from basic point-and-shoot digital pocket cameras to complex housed professional DSLR systems, from blue-water encounters to colorful coral reef diving and muck critter hunting, from daily maintenance to the choice of the right lens…It’s all here! A highly-readable technically-accesible step-by-step guide in eight chapters to the secrets and wonders of underwater photography, featuring the inspiring images by several of the world’s most brilliant authors. Your underwater photography will never be the same after reading this book!