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art forms from the abyss


Sottotitolo: images from hms challenger expedition

Autore: haeckel e.

Editore: prestel

ISBN: 9783791381411

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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These radiant images from the renowned 19th Century biologist and illustrator Ernst Haeckel, featuring marine microorganisms, will enthrall fans of his previous collections and garner renewed attention for Haeckel’s unparalleled artistry. From jewelry designers to scientists, graphic artists to naturalists, the range of people inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s illustrations continues to grow. This new collection features startlingly beautiful images created by Haeckel for the report of the HMS Challenger Expedition, which circumnavigated the world from 1872 to 1876, discovering and cataloging nearly 5000 new species from the depths of Earth’s oceans. Fullpage reproductions bring these organisms colorfully to life, drawing readers into a world at once hypnotic and highly ordered. Divided into three sections (Siphonophores, Medusae and Radiolarians) these illustrations display Haeckel’s remarkable artistic skill and understanding of the architecture of organic matter. The authors provide a brief history of the Challenger Expedition, background on Haeckel’s scientific and artistic accomplishments, as well as informative texts on each group of organisms. A guide to the natural world and an inspiration to artists of every stripe, this collection of Haeckel’s work is a fitting tribute to a 19th Century genius.

Edition: 2015