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the superyachts volume 6


Autore: aa.vv.

Editore: boat international media ltd

ISBN: 87043644

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2 disponibili (ordinabile)


For the 6th volume of “The Superyachts”, this publication features 2 late 1920s superyachts, 6 modern sail vessels and 12 state of the art motor yachts ranging diversely from the hyper-luxurious to the ultra-fast. Each vessel is a fine example of the work of highly skilled designers and a tribute to the craftsmen who built them. Despite the financial worries of this past year, it is heartening to see that a high degree of confidence remains in the superyacht industry and this annual showcases the very best of the year’s constructions. Attention should be paid to the grandeur of the 1930’s build “Savarona” and to the wonderfully modern designs of “Taramber”, “El Dato” and the motor catamaran “Moecca”.

Yachts featured in this volume: • Alexandra • Chamar • Cinderella • El Dato II • Falco • Gallant Lady VII • Hakim • Joalmi • Lady Duvera • Mandalay • Mikado • Moecca • Moonraker • Mylin IV • Naos • Perini Navi 37 • Rosenkavalier • Savarona • Swiftships 155 • Taramber

Edition: 1993