carlo the legend, riva the myth volume IV


Sottotitolo: tritone aquarama book one

Autore: piero maria gibellini

Editore: piem

ISBN: 9788897800064

2 disponibili (ordinabile)

2 disponibili (ordinabile)

COD: 9788897800064 Categorie: ,


Foreword and contributions by Carlo Riva.

Drawings and contributions by Giorgio Barilani.

This work is the result of years of study and research by the author.

From the foreword by Carlo Riva: The architect Piero Maria Gibellini here shares with us his analysis of the history and evolution of the glorious Tritone, carried out as usual with his passionate deep knowledge.

From the introduction: I wrote this book to answer the requests of the fans and collectors, many of whom are members of the Riva Historical Society, the organisation founded in 1998 with the support of Carlo Riva. I also hope that this work will help demonstrate the strenght of the Riva myth and the great professional achievements of Carlo.

Edition: 2008

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