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ultimate sailing


Autore: green s. hunter d.

Editore: firefly books

ISBN: 9781552092491

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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“Ultimate sailing” does not exist to put on a show. It is a sophisticated and ultra-challenging sport, a test of sailors’ courage and ingenuity. With big crews, big budgets and often “big” weather conditions, it is not for the faint of heart or the uncommitted. For this stunning new book, North America’s premier sailing photographer, Sharon Green, has gone to the center of the action and emerged with an exceptional collection of brilliant, bold and graceful photos (photos proving proving that “Ultimate sailing” is one of the greatest shows on earth. Whether it means hanging from a helicopter to capture the precarious angles of a yacht negotiating a dangerous turning point or enduring dangerous conditions in a chase boat to document Maxis pounding through high winds to a hair-raising, rig-breaking finish, Green takes great risks in pursuit of that perfect shot. The result is a book or remarkable beauty, with an exciting combination of color, angles and movement. On page after page, the photos manage to convey the pounding of waves and the harnessed power of sails, as well as the sense of motion, transition, anticipation and apprehension felt by sailors and spectators alike in this most technical and thrilling of sports.

Edition: 1998