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world cruising survey


Autore: jimmy cornell

Editore: adlard coles nautical (bloomsbury publishing)

ISBN: 9780229118496

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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“World cruising survey” presents a thorough overview of the world cruising scene. The hard won experiences of hundreds of sailors from cruising grounds all around the world are distilled in “World cruising survey” to give the prospective long distance cruiser a wealth of practical advice and information to draw on. Every aspect of cruising is examined, from size and type of boat, choice of sails, engine and instruments to seamanship, dealing with emergencies and the psychological problems of long distance cruising. Carefully selected photographs give a flavour of what life is like afloat for those who roam the oceans of the world and throughout the book are cameos of particularly notable places and personalities which seem to embody the finest expressions of what ocean cruising is all about. “World cruising survey” will be an invaluable aid for anyone contemplating an extended cruise now or sometime in the future.

Edition: 1989

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