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the vhf gmdss handbook


Sottotitolo: a training manual for rhe rya “vhf only” certificate, the cept/msa short range certificate, the gmdss restricted operator’s certificate – reference on board – free update service

Autore: gale j.m.

Editore: fernhurst

ISBN: 9781898660545

2 disponibili (ordinabile)

2 disponibili (ordinabile)


A VHF radiotelephone is essential for any sea-going boat. One day, a distress call on it may save your life. In the meantime you can use your VHF set to call another boat, the coastguard, a marina or your family (via the telephone system). You can receive weather information, advice from a doctor or requests for help. All these procedures are covered in chapters 1-12.

The next big step in marine radio is the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). This enables you to call for help simply by pressing the distress button: your identity, position and the nature of your distress are then transmitted automatically by Digital Selective Calling (DSC). NAVTEX, EPIRBs and SARTs are also covered. Knowledge of all these is required for the new exams.

Edition: 1998

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