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kayaks you can build


Sottotitolo: an illustrated guide to plywood construction

Autore: moores t. rossel g.

Editore: firefly books

ISBN: 9781552978610

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A step-by-illustrated-step guide through the entire construction cycle of building a plywood kayak from a stitch and glue kit. Includes a history of kayaks, choosing a kayak, setting up a work area, tools, tricks, safety and troubleshooting.This book includes:

– A short history of the kayak

– How to choose the right kayak for your needs and skill level

. Setting up your work area and how to build a work table and cradle forms

– Details of all the necessary tools, materials and supplies

– Tricks of the trade from ensuring the boat stays twist-free during construction to laying fiberglass cloth the easy way for a great finish

– Minimizing exposure to toxic fumes and dust

– How to avoid and correct mistakes

This book includes day-to-day building journals for the three most popular kayak kits. A typical stitch and glue kayak kit contains pre-cut plywood planks, epoxy and hardware. Drawing on more than thirty years of boatbuilding and teaching experience, “Kayaks You Can Build” enables the first-time builder to assemble a kayak with truly professional results.

Edition: 2004