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yacht charter handbook


Autore: heikell r.

Editore: imray laurie, norie & wilson ltd

ISBN: 9780852883839

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2 disponibili (ordinabile)

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The “Yacht charter handbook” is a comprehensive guide to the world of chartering. Its introductory section provides a handy and comprehensive reference on:

– where to go

– what to look for

– how to choose a charter company

– what to avoid

– travel arrangements

– what to take

– equipment

At the heart of the handbook is a country-by-country round-up of charter areas around the world. For each country, outline information is given to cover points of interest when choosing where to charter. Climate and weather, cruising areas and routes, formalities, food and travel arrangements are amongst the topics. The final part of the book is a listing of British and Irish charter companies, giving details on the types of charter they operate, the sizes of the boats and the number of boats available. It also provides, where available, contact addresses, phone and fax numbers.

Edition: 1997