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cruising sailboat kinetics


Sottotitolo: the art and science and magic of cruising boat design

Autore: greene d.

Editore: tiller (independent publishers group)

ISBN: 9788886710848

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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This book is a boat design handbook written for the everyday, non-professional sailor. It demystifies boat design terminology and concepts. It opens up for recreational sailors a new world of understanding why sailboats act the way they do. It explains how boat designers transform sailing dreams and abstract design criteria into today’s sleek, functional three-dimensional craft. The first half of the book is a primer, a beginner’s guide to design terminology and concepts, laced with photos and clear, non-technical illustrations. The second half of the book is a heavily illustrated showcase of the best cruising sailboat designs, including a lengthy explanation of what makes each design special.