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the elements of boat strength


Sottotitolo: for builders, designers and owners

Autore: gerr d.

Editore: international marine (mcgraw hill education)

ISBN: 9780070231597

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Acclaimed author and naval architect Dave Gerr created this unique system of easy-to-use scantling rules and rules-of-thumb for calculating the necessary dimensions or scantlings of hulls, decks and other boat parts, whether built of fiberglass, wood, wood-epoxy composite, steel or aluminum. In addition to the rules themselves, “The Elements of Boat Strength” offers their context: an in-depth plain-English discussion of boatbuilding materials, methods,and practices that will guide you through all aspects of boat construction. Now you can avoid wading through dense technical engineering manuals or tackling advanced mathematics. “The Elements of Boat Strength” has all the formulas, tables, illustrations and charts you need to judge how heavy each piece of your boat should be in order to last and be safe. With this book, an inexpensive scientific calculator and a pad of paper, you’ll be able to design and specify all the components necessary to build a sound long-lasting rugged vessel.

Edition: 2000