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Sottotitolo: corfu, levkas, cephalonia, zakinthos and the adjacent mainland coast to finakounda

Autore: rod heikell – lucinda heikell

Editore: imray laurie, norie & wilson ltd

ISBN: 9781786794840

5 disponibili (ordinabile)

5 disponibili (ordinabile)

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Now celebrating its eleventh edition, Ionian has once again been thoroughly updated with new photos and plans. Covering the coast and islands southwards from Corfu to Finakounda and eastwards to Mesolongion, this much-loved guide contains more detail of many of the smaller anchorages and harbours that are comprehensively covered in Rod Heikell’s Greek Waters Pilot.

Like its companions West Aegean and East Aegean, Ionian is ideal for charterers and flotilla sailors who are onboard for a relatively short time, but also for longer term cruisers on their own yachts who are looking for additional pilotage and background information for this popular cruising ground. As with all the Heikell guides, Ionian not only gives all the essential information you need, but also exudes the charm and flavour of this corner of the Mediterranean.

Edition: 2023

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