inland waterways of france 3


Sottotitolo: south and west

Autore: david edwards-may

Editore: imray laurie, norie & wilson ltd

ISBN: 9781786793089

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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The ninth edition of Inland Waterways of France is the ideal guide for planning cruises in and through the most fascinating and diverse waterway network in Europe. Author David Edwards-May has researched the many changes that have taken place during the last 10 years and presents a detailed overview of the waterways extending throughout the South (Midi), the Southwest and Western France.

This system totals 3000 kilometres of waterways that are maintained and developed almost exclusively for recreational navigation. This third volume of the new edition sets out the current state of the network in 146 pages in full colour, with detailed maps of junctions and other key sites on the network, overview maps for each waterway and route descriptions. It is a unique blend of practical information, maps, background historical notes and colour photographs. It also highlights ongoing waterway restoration projects, in which the author has been personally involved for many years.

Edition: 2021

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