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tracks in the sand, shadows on the sea


Sottotitolo: marine mammals of argentina and antarctica

Autore: lichter a.a. harris g.

Editore: terra nova

ISBN: 788771331

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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From the foreword by Bernd Wursig: “There are about 120 species of marine mammals in the world’s oceans and several mighty rivers. Argentina, a nature-blessed land streching from tropical jungles to the Antarctic Ice Cap, is fortunate to be home to at least 43 of them. Argentina, Antarctic Peninsula and nearby islands’ marine mammals are represented in this book, by the thoughtful descriptions of Alfredo Lichter, the beautiful paintings of Guillermo Harris and the detailed varied vignettes of 27 researchers who have been lucky enough to live and study in this Southern Hemisphere paradise”.

Edition: 1992