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peter monamy


Sottotitolo: 1681-1749 and his circle

Autore: f. b. cockett

Editore: antique collector’s club (acc)

ISBN: 9781851493395

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Peter Monamy was the first English born and English trained specialist marine artist. He recorded the marine scene of the first half of the 18th Century, when English commerce and sea power were growing rapidly. He was a friend and contemporary of Hogarth and the precursor of the great school of English sea painters, including Samuel Scott, Charles Brooking and Dominic Serres, who were to follow him.

This book gives a detailed account of his life and, for the first time, a proper assessment of his enormous artistic output. His reputation has, in the past, been somewhat tarnished by the large number of copies by other minor artists. The author has been careful to illustrate only signed and undoubted examples of his work. Particular attention has been given to recognition details of his technique and picture construction, which differentiate his work from others. The last two chapters are given to considering, in some detail, the work of his school of more minor, yet pleasing, artists who followed his tradition.

Edition: 2000