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compendium of bivalves 2


Sottotitolo: a full-color guide to the remaining seven families – a systemic listing of 8500 bivalve species and 10500 synonyms

Autore: huber m.

Editore: conchbooks

ISBN: 9783939767633

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This book completes “Compendium of Bivalves” published in 2010. It adds the 7 families (Thyasiridae, Lucinidae, Galeommatidae, Tellinidae, Cyrenidae, Ungulinidae, Teredinidae) missing from Volume 1. It contains major additions and rectifications to the families treated in 2010. It completes the tabulation of biodiversity and biogeography of global Bivalvia. The book now contains the data and synonyms of all marine and brackish water bivalves recognized by the author. Overall 8500 valid species and 10500 additional synonymous names are systematically listed with all data currently available. Altogether 45 new species, 33 new genera, 6 new subfamilies and 1 new family are proposed within this book.