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1000 shells


Sottotitolo: exceptionals from the philippines

Autore: guido t. poppe – philippe poppe – sheila tagaro

Editore: conchbooks

ISBN: 9783939767565

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Da procurare su richiesta

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The Philippines are a biodiversity hotspot for mollusks. The two volumes of the “1000 Shells” depict the most desirable species and specimens – overall 1000 shells. This selection covers the most recent discoveries, the rarest species, the most beautiful ones, extraordinary freak shells etc…

The books contain all groups of mollusks: marine, freshwater and land as well as most classes: Gastropodes, Bivalves, Cephalopods and Scaphopods. Large sections are devoted to cowries (77 pages) and cones (276 pages). The short texts accompanying the marvelous pictures depict sequences concerning the ecology, life history or discovery of the figured shells. Problems concerning the taxonomy of several species are discussed resulting in the conclusion that some of the figured specimens might represent undescribed species.

These books accumulate the knowledge of the three authors diving and collecting on the Philippines since more than one decade. To facilitate the practical use of the books, we opted for soft covers and for two volumes instead of one.

To properly store the books they come with a hard paper box.

Edition: 2014