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whales & dolphins of the north american pacific


Sottotitolo: including seals and other marine mammals

Autore: cresswell g. walker d. pusser t.

Editore: harbour

ISBN: 9781550174090

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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Whales and Dolphins of the North American Pacific is the most comprehensive photographic guide to the marine mammals of the North American Pacific (Baja California, Mexico to South East Alaska), covering all 38 species of cetacean (whales, dolphins and porpoises), six species of seals and sea lions, and the sea otter.

“Whales and Dolphins of the North American Pacific” covers each species’ key identification features and includes information on behaviour, status and distribution. Colour distribution maps and full-colour artwork accompanies the text for each species. The book’s 38 remarkable colour plates depict typical views of cetaceans at sea, including images of some species never previously published.

“Whales and Dolphins of the North American Pacific” provides extensive information on where, when and how to go whalewatching and a guide to the best places to watch, including four accounts of outstanding days on the water. There are additional chapters on the geography, climate and oceanography of the North American Pacific.

Edition: 2007