green mallorca


Autore: patricia parinejad

Editore: teneues

ISBN: 9783961713929

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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A book with a new focus: sustainability on Mallorca. The Mediterranean pearl away from mass tourism – about people, doers and ways to preserve the beauty of the island’s nature. At the pulse of time with topics such as sustainability, environment, nature conservation.

High-quality equipment with printed linen cover.

The pearl of the Mediterranean, known for sun worshipers and synonymous with an exuberant travel industry, has become a gentle but intensive dialogue on the topics of nature conservation and sustainability. Photographer Patricia Parinejad not only shows that Mallorca is still intoxicatingly beautiful, but also traces this exciting environmental movement and uses breathtaking images and lively texts to present sustainable companies, eco-hotels, green initiatives and innovators fighting to preserve the island. This idyllic photo book also shows Mallorca connoisseurs a completely different and important side of the Balearic island: the new Green Mallorca.

Languages: English, Spanish and German

Edition: 2022

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