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the decompression workbook


Sottotitolo: a simplified guide to understanding decompression problems

Autore: lewbell g.s.

Editore: pisces books

ISBN: 38191976

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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A workbook specifically designed to make the sport diver completely proficient in working the decompression tables. Whether you are learning how to use the decompression tables for the first time or brushing up for your next dive trip, you’ll find this workbook invaluable. The self-teaching text is divided into four sections, each containing a number of decompression problems you have to calculate. Section 1 presents definitions and simple one-dive problems. Section 2 introduce repetitive dives and two-dive problems. Section 3 covers problems with three and four dives in a row. Section 4 deals with special problems, omitted decompression, accidental overstays, fast ascents and other potentially dangerous situations. Examples are given with complete explanations for each set of problems. Answers for all the problems are found at the end of the book.

Edition: 1983

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