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the superyachts 2004 (volume seventeen)


Autore: aa.vv.

Editore: boat international media ltd

ISBN: 760723591

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The 17th volume of this annual is yet another reminder of the strengths of the superyacht industry. Within its pages is a clear demonstration that yachts are not only being built to ever-increasing size, but that standards of design and construction are also on the rise. Ten years ago, just four yachts broke the 50-metre barrier. In this volume, the contrast is clear, with the average size being over 51-metres, whilst 4 yachts break the 60-metre mark: the classic steam yacht Delphine, the expedition yacht Aussie Rules, the 65-metre Feadship Wedge Too and the Amels-built Solemar, which features on the volume’s front cover. But size is not everything. We also bring you a selection of magnificent vessels that covers the whole spectrum of superyachting: expedition yachts such as Jasmin and Cameleon B, sailing yachts Syl and Squall and, for those who may like a dash of speed with their superyacht, the Wallypower with its 60-knot potential. What is clear in this annual is that all yachts featured are most certainly to be enjoyed.

Yachts featured in this volume: • Amnesia • Andrea • April Fool • Aussie Rules • Cameleon B • Capri • Delphine • Element • Jasmin • Magnifica • Maria Cattiva • Passion • Perfect Prescription • Rahal • Seahawk • Skat • Solemar • Squall • Syl • Wallypower • Wedge Too

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