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keep your marine diesel running


Sottotitolo: care and preventive maintenance for the boater

Autore: thiel r.

Editore: international marine (mcgraw hill education)

ISBN: 9780070641945

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Written specifically for the non-mechanic, “Keep Your Marine Diesel Running” is the complete survival guide for owners of diesel-powered boats of all types and sizes. Here is:

– How a Marine Diesel Works, including turbochargers, cooling, fuel, lubrication and exhaust systems.

– How to Operate a Marine Diesel Engine to provide the longest most troublefree life. Includes daily and periodic logs and checklists and details proper operation from start-up to shutdown.

– How to Care for Your Diesel’s oil, fuel and cooling systems; how to do it yourself; how to choose and deal with a mechanic; how to do your own basic troubleshooting and what tools and spare parts you should carry.

A marine diesel is a big investment. Follow the simple program presented here and you’ll be able to keep it running troublefree for years to come.

Edition: 1991

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