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confederate ironclad vs union ironclad


Sottotitolo: hampton roads 1862

Autore: field r.

Editore: osprey publishing

ISBN: 9781846032325

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The Ironclad was a revolutionary weapon of war, the first modern, armoured, self-propelled warship. During the American Civil War the South used ironclads to protect their ports from the Northern blockade. Impressed with their superior resistance to fire, the North developed its own rival fleet of ironclads. Eventually the two products of this modern arms race duelled at the battle of Hampton Roads in a clash that would change the face of naval warfare. Fully illustrated with cutting-edge digital artwork, rare photographs and first-person perspective gunsight views, this book allows the reader to discover the revolutionary and radically different designs of the two rival Ironclads (the Merrimac and USS Monitor) through an analysis of each ship’s weaponry, ammunition and steerage.

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