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lighthouses of the south


Sottotitolo: your guide to the lighthouses of virginia, north carolina, south carolina, georgia and florida

Autore: de wire e. dempster d.e.

Editore: voyageur press (mbi)

ISBN: 9780896586031

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1 disponibili (ordinabile)

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With informative text and exceptional colour photographs, lighthouses authority Elinor De Wire and photographer Daniel E. Dempster take you on a journey through the history of Southern beacons. “Lighthouses of the South” takes a captivating look at not only the lighthouses themselves (structure, interiors and lenses), but also provides information about the construction of lighthouses, the history of the Lighthouse Service, stories of keepers and great rescues and wrecks, current preservation efforts and much more. De Wire’s lively stories are accented by Dempster’s outstanding photographs of lighthouses, interiors and lenses. The book also includes a bibliography and an appendix that lists all lighthouses of the Southeastern Coast.

Edition: 2004

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