the practical guide to kayaking & canoeing


Autore: mattos b.

Editore: lorenz books (anness publishing)

ISBN: 9780754810650

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Written by one of the most exciting new authors on the subject, this superb book offers a comprehensive introduction to the sport aimed at both beginners and established paddlers seeking to broaden their experience. The book’s introduction gets back to basics with a look at paddling as a mode of transport predating the wheel and traces its development as a sport through history to the present day. Chapter “Getting Started” gives practical advice on when and where to paddle, clothing, equipment, fitness training and warm-up routines. “On to Moving Water” looks at the fast and furious sport of white water paddling, while “Open Horizons” takes to the open water, showing the skills and techniques for confidently navigating inland waterways and the sea. “Advanced Paddling” shows paddling at its most extreme (the exhilarating specialist disciplines, such as play boating and surfing) and explains the competition scene. This section includes information on paddling around the world, which looks at Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, Asia and Africa for paddlers who want to travel and explore in their boat. “Keeping Safe” provides a reference point for all paddlers, with detailed advice on emergency rescue drills and first aid techniques.

Edition: 2002

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