seashells of lanzarote (canaries)


Subtitle: the malacological journeys of giuseppe giulio Battaglia & Silvana Bertoli Battaglia vol. 1 – classis: gastropoda (cuvier, 1797) vol. 1

Author: giuseppe giulio battaglia – silvana bertoli battaglia

Publisher: youcanprint

ISBN: 9791220306898

Provided on request

Provided on request


From the authors’ words: Observing biodiversity is an activity that always fascinates and teaches, but when it comes to marine biology there is also the gratification of beauty. Who, walking along any beach, has never bent down to pick up a shell and was not struck by the beauty of the shape and colors? But few know that even mollusks have their beauty that sometimes exceeds that of the shell itself. 

This photographic diary, a small contribution to the knowledge of the malacology of Lanzarote, is the strenuous result of weeks of research along the rocky coasts of this splendid island, where we have photographed, to the best of our ability, over 60 species of marine molluscs and it is the first of a series of photographic diaries made in various parts of the world, soon to be published. 

Languages: English and Italian

Edition: 2020

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