Subtitle: a collectors guide (mollusca, neogastropoda)

Author: gunther h. w. sterba

Publisher: conchbooks

ISBN: 3925919678

Provided on request

Provided on request


From the preface: “Olividae have always enjoyed great interest and much adoration from shell collectors due to their form, often porcellaneous shine and appealing colours and patterns. The love for their high aestethic value has been none the less often accompanied by taxonomic uncertainties. Species are often very variable both in colour and pattern, which led many collectors, as well as scientists, to create numerous synonyms. […]

All subfamilies of the Olividae are discussed in this collector’s guide. Of the 317 recent and considered valid morpho-species of the family Olividae, 237 are figured with their colour forms in this volume. The 80 not figured species, predominantely small and very seldom seen deep water species of the genera Olivella, Amalda and Ancilla, are listed in the chapter “Supplement”. In the latter is also demonstrated how complete the guide is for each genus. Nearly 1000 synonyms can be found besides the names considered as valid. […] All shells figured on plates are represented in their actual size.”

Edition: 2004

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