rivamare knife


Editore: riva (ferretti group)

ISBN: LDM1657881888

Provided on request

Provided on request


Among the many items traditionally associated with sailing, a sailor’s knife is certainly at the top of the list, still to be replaced by a digital tool.

To celebrate the materials used to create this item and its genuine, tactile value, Riva together with Saladini cutlery of Scarperia, has designed two different models, each one linked to specific eras and imageries. One was inspired by the classic Aquarama, in wood and polished steel; the other recalls the modern Rivamare and is made in alloy and brushed steel.

Mounted on their elegant plexiglass support, they become splendid design sculptures, ideal to furnish your home or office.

Housed in their elegant leather sheath, the knives will be a precious ally on the water, for those little jobs aboard or as a safe sailing tool.

Like all the other unique and must-have items in the Riva Boutique Collection, the recommendation is: why choose? Anyone who loves Riva will want to be the proud owner of both models.

Box sizes: 27x19x5 cm

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