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calendar “segelmomente” 2024

Subtitle: 100×54 cm

Author: nico krauss

Publisher: delius klasing

ISBN: 9783667126276

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The magic of sailing!

Frothy bow waves, classic sailboats, modern yachts. In port, on the high seas, during a regatta or on a long voyage. Each time the boats represent a unique show, full of beauty and grace.

Sailing photographer Nico Krauss captures what sailing is all about in a truly personal way. His play with photography, with perspective and depth of field, is unique. Whether it’s a sturdy workboat or an elegant vintage sailboat, Nico Krauss knows better than anyone how to capture the magic of each individual boat with his camera. Growing up on the coast, water and wind have been his elements from the start. He made his passion his profession and today he works as a freelance photographer and editor for several magazines. Furthermore, he has already published several books and calendars with his extraordinary sailing photographs.

This special calendar collects the best photos of Nico Krauss in elegant black and white. Refinedly staged and printed in large format, these images show the uniqueness and beauty of sailing in all its facets. Fascinating, expressive, incomparable – for all those who carry the magic of sailing in their hearts!