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mambo rivanotes with pen


Subtitle: 15,4×21,5×1,5 cm

Publisher: riva (ferretti group)

ISBN: 645760586199

Provided on request

Provided on request


Rivanotes is a making-of in printed form of the most enthralling yachting story of the 20th century and the 2000s. Inside are sketches of mahogany and fibreglass boats and components by Riva: when you look at the 20 freehand drawings, you’ll get a real sense of the vibrant creative verve of the designers who first outlined in black and white the boats that would go on to earn legendary status.

From Giorgio Barilani, who gave shape and substance to the ideas of Carlo Riva, to Mauro Micheli, who since 1997 has designed the models that have grown the Brand’s prestige. The jewel in the crown is the original sketch of the Bridge: the long-standing office in Sarnico, overlooking Lake Iseo, where the past, present and future blend to celebrate the legend that is Riva.

Rivanotes comes in Aquamarine-coloured mambo, easy to wash and resistant to sunlight (the same used for the Riva exterior upholstery). On the spine of the diary is a steel pen with the Riva logo and the clasp takes the form of a mooring bollard.

As well as adding another touch of class, a small aquamarine-coloured rubber ring prevents slipping on sloped surfaces or when on the move.

Pen included.