riva half hull


Publisher: riva (ferretti group)

ISBN: LDM1695384835

Provided on request

Provided on request


The roots of the Riva half hull lie in the most authentic sailing and seafaring traditions.

These original, enchanting items were once a permanent fixture in shipyards, yacht clubs, museums and sailing clubs. Still today they can often be found hanging on the walls of these quintessential yachting locations with dozens of other little masterpieces in a special model room that is entirely dedicated to the purpose.

Half hulls are traditionally associated with the sailing world, but Riva broke new ground by becoming the first to choose to use them to present the elegance and exquisite materials of its motor yachts.

They became decorative features and sources of interest in the homes and offices of Riva owners and the company’s many fans because they encapsulate the legendary yacht maker’s craftsmanship and unique designs with the vividness of a work of art.

No one can resist the temptation of caressing the varnished mahogany and savouring the sublime sensations. It is something that everybody should experience.

Sizes: 112x40x13 cm

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