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mahogany riva keyring


Publisher: riva (ferretti group)

ISBN: 645760697611

Provided on request

Provided on request


This sumptuous keyring consummately combines the legendary features of Riva materials: wood, chrome details and aquamarine. It goes without saying that there is nothing run-of-the-mill about it: we have obsessively combined seafaring traditions, heritage and contemporary qualities with our customary attention to detail.

The striped mahogany is adorned with a satin-finish logo, the sparkling chrome plating of the white metal and a sophisticated aquamarine “waterline” to add a splash of glamour.

Get yourself one of these marvellous little items and you will be carrying 180 years of Riva history in your pocket: what more could you ask from a keyring?

Product size: 12,5x3x0,8 cm

Box size: 13,2×21,5×5,6 cm

Materials: mahogany and chrome-plated zamak