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Sottotitolo: camion, rivarama, aquarama, aquariva

Editore: riva (ferretti group)

ISBN: LDM1657879810

Provided on request

Provided on request


Riva Toys are scale model which combine the charm of a collector’s item and the fun of a construction toy. Presented in an elegant box, each mahogany and ash piece is beautifully finished. These scale models will bring together two generations: children will have fun assembling them, learning the technical terms of the various components as they do so, and grownups will appreciate the design objects, with their essential and inimitable style.

The toys come with booklets in English and Italian, illustrating the Riva legend and its most famous yachts, with an inspiring text by Carlo Riva. There are also some educational pages on nautical terms and on the main boat components and accessories, making them a useful tool for encouraging children to take an interest in the wonderful world of boating.

Play, learn and have fun with the Riva Toys scale models.

Boxes included.

Set comprising:

  • Riva Toys “Aquarama”
  • Riva Toys “Aquariva”
  • Riva Toys “Truck”
  • Riva Toys “Rivarama”

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