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yacht design spring 2024


Subtitle: maggio 2024 anno 3_ n°5

Author: aa.vv.

Publisher: boat show television

ISBN: LDM1719579164

6 in stock (can be backordered)

6 in stock (can be backordered)


Yacht Design was born from the experience gained by Boat Show Television as a leader in the production of content dedicated to international boating. An experience that has led The Boat Show to be a national and international point of reference on all the main video broadcast, OTT and social channels.

Yacht Design talks about sailing by telling circular stories of passion for the sea, with a focus on design, the fundamental driving force of the sector. Design in the form of art, shapes, environment, materials, technology, innovation, large international fairs, culture, literature, economy, sector leaders, destinations, regattas, major navigations.

A way of communicating built for an international audience, with a system logic that links paper, video and social identity.

In this issue:

  • Editorial “The Auld Mug is Back” by Antonio Vettese
  • Shooting the Depths by Cristina Mittermeier
  • Our Timeless Passion – Hoek Design by Gigi Radice
  • Superleggera
  • Misa Poggi’s Architecture by Marta Rovatti Studihrad
  • The Wally Way by Antonio Vettese
  • My American Dream – Patrizio Bertelli by Antonio Vettese
  • Fusion
  • Gelliceaux
  • Sparta
  • Y9 Pilot House
  • Transavantg/Art – Mimmo Paladino by Francesca Molteni
  • AI Gets on Board by Arianna Bionda and Massimo Piccioni
  • Hong Kong by the Sea by Guy Nowell and Suzy Rayment
  • The Perfect Shape by Gigi Radice
  • The Wizard of the Hulls – Brunello Acampora by Francesca Albini
  • Final Cut
  • The 7th Italian Design Conference