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Author: olaf heine

Publisher: teneues

ISBN: 9783961715350

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1 in stock (can be backordered)


Hawai’i is a place of extremes, one of the most biodiverse and pristine regions on earth. But it is also the land of hula and surfing. Over many years, the well-known German photographer Olaf Heine travelled and documented the wonderful world of Hawaii, creating an impressive photographic oeuvre in the process. Sometimes lively and energetic, sometimes melancholic and sensual, but always monochromatic, he succeeds in capturing the intoxicating attitude to life in connection with the decisive forces of this place.

The ocean is omnipresent and the secret architect of Hawaii. Hawaii is about the elemental as well as the spiritual significance of the sea. The lively, constantly changing, restless waves of the Pacific determine the rhythm of the eight islands of Hawaii and their inhabitants. They fuel life here and define the people – whether fishermen, surfers or tourists.

Heine describes the interaction between man and nature and the power and values that arise from it in timelessly beautiful photographs. The cracks of our time and the extent of human activity are shown here with the same force as sensuality, diversity and wild unspoilt nature. In Hawaii, we begin to understand what creation means.

A captivating illustrated book that reveals and brings closer the opulent beauty of the country, the dreamlike culture and the individuality of the people – whether surf legend Laird Hamilton, musician Jack Johnson or writer Kawaii Strong Washburn. A coffee-table book for anyone who has always wanted to get an authentic and direct insight into what really makes this corner of the world special.

Forewords by Pulitzer Prize winner William Finnegan and Hawaiian author Kristiana Kahakauwila.

Edition: 2024