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Autore: venice in pattern

Editore: anteferma edizioni

ISBN: 9791259530110

Provided on request

Provided on request


Venice in Pattern tells Venice in all its forms, from the historic city, always under the spotlight, to the contemporary and ever-changing Venice: the Venice that deserves to be discovered and enhanced.

Contemporary for Venice in Pattern means new and fresh, but it also refers to those elements that coexist with others having «a thousand years of history», to quote the poetry of Diego Valeri, from which the project began. It is here that our Venetian Alphabet comes into play! Each letter of the Venetian vocabulary has been doubled (A-a, B-b, C-c, etc.) in order to describe Venice in a dualway: the capital letters have been associated with a well-known courtly theme (but clearly reinterpreted with the unique language of Venice in Pattern) and a more underground theme has been associated with the lowercase readings.

Languages: English and Italian.

Edition: 2021

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