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the blue


Author: aa.vv.

Publisher: em international ltd

ISBN: 9780953703203

Provided on request

Provided on request


The people who have contributed to this book are sea lovers and their combined knowledge and passion has produced a unique publication. Their stories will take you on a voyage into a little-known universe were fish fly and huge beasts float through a fluid space we struggle to understand. Side-by-side with the text, amazing pictures illustrate these wondrous beasts and the worlds they inhabit. While the contributors to the book hope to share with you the awe and wonder they feel when they contemplate the oceans’ vastness, they also want to make you aware of the accelerating decimation of this natural wonder.

Contributors: Valerie Taylor, Sylvia A. Earle, David Bellamy, Bob Halstead, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Martha Holmes, Tim Severin, Buzz Aldrin and Julian Partridge.

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