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dangerous marine creatures


Author: edmonds c.

ISBN: 9780941332392

Provided on request

Provided on request


Dr. Carl Edmonds is an experienced diver and pioneer of diving medicine in Australia. In the book he describes and illustrates the most common dangerous marine creatures likely to be encountered by divers, swimmers, coastline dwellers, dawdlers, fishermen and sailors. As a medical practitioner, he presents the clinical features of injuries sustained and first aid proceedures to be employed in concise, yet comprehensive, terms. Simple phrases are preferred to the medical terminology, which is given only where necessary, and common names have been used throughout. Each creature is illustrated with a color photograph for identification and its scientific family, genus and species names are given. Further identification data is provided, plus the creature’s geographical distribution and seasonal incidence, points of general interest, clinical features, prevention, first aid and medical treatment (for medical practitioners only). Marine creatures employ various survival techniques which can harm humans. The provocation inevitably lies with the humans who, either by accident or choice, encroach upon the marine habitat. In “Dangerous Marine Creatures” Carl Edmonds imparts his considerable marine experience to allay our terrors of the deep.