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the breitling book of surfing


Subtitle: a ride to the heart of community

Author: ben mondy

Publisher: rizzoli new york

ISBN: 9788891839992

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1 in stock (can be backordered)


An illustrated journey through modern surf culture guided by the international surfers and communities that define its inclusive and passionate nature.

Epic photography brings the stories of a unique group of global communities and the surfers that represent them to life.

Told in their own words, some of the world’s most exciting professional and freestyle surfers — at different moments in their careers — introduce the influential figures, places and waves that have shaped their lives and their surfing.

From Ireland’s rugged and unforgiving west coast to the famous beaches of Oahu, Hawaii, making stops across six continents along the way, Breitling provides a unique and unexpected window on the modern surf experience.

The sport’s inclusive spirit is what inspired the iconic watch brand — a champion of surf culture and maker of timepieces for ocean pursuits since 1957 — to highlight surf’s wider community with a book dedicated to the sport’s diverse characters, unexpected outposts and collective culture.

Based on interviews with surfers about the local communities they call home, The Breitling Book of Surfing is as much an in-depth travelogue as it is a beautiful photography book. It is for long-term surfing enthusiasts and newcomers alike, exploring the common values and passions that shape this diverse and dynamic global community connected by the ocean.

Foreword by Mikey February.

Introduction by Stephanie Gilmore.

Edition: 2024