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Subtitle: the complete guide

Author: boese k. spreckels c.

Publisher: john wiley & sons ltd

ISBN: 9780470727911

Provided on request

Provided on request


Bursting with over 500 photographs, this book covers first attempts at getting afloat right through to snapping a 360°. Your complete guide includes safety and preparation, physical and mental warm ups, signals in the water and weather. You are introduced to the basics of getting into the water and to the principles of surfing on the wind: getting up, steering, turning and controlling the kite and what to do when you, inevitably, wipe out. Once you have mastered the basics and surfing at high speed, it’s time to have some fun, with more than 50 tricks covered in full step-by-step details! The final sections of the book introduce fitness and flexibility ideas for kitesurfers and cover maintenance and repair of equipment.

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