Subtitle: descriptive and iconographic review from 1713 to 2021

Author: umberto aubry – rosa gargiulo – salvatore russo

Publisher: l’informatore piceno

ISBN: 9788886070409

Provided on request

Provided on request


From the foreword: “[…] A work that collects most of what is written and illustrates the valid species of the Terebridae family described from 1713 to today. In this way, we hope to fill a void, allowing experts and simple shell lovers to deepen their knowledge. […]

This book is intended to be a revision and an update of the works on the Terebridae family that malacologists and conchologists of the past, with their studies, have contributed to increase and enhance.”

From the premise: “As can be seen from the title of the book, the authors have dedicated themselves to the study and bibliographic research of the Familia Terebridae from the publication of the first species called Terebra which dates back to 1713 to date. […] It is a total of 930 species divided into 52 dubious species, 41 species excudenda and 837 species fallen into synonymy. […]

In the iconographic part, 452 color plates illustrate all the species contemplated by the modern classification Phylogenetic classification of the family Terebridae (Neograstropoda: Conoidea) […].”

Book price € 135,00 + € 7,00 for the delivery at the bookstore.

Edition: 2021

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