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mediterranean’s seashells – tunisia


Subtitle: the malacological diaries of giuseppe giulio battaglia & silvana bertoli battaglia vol. 4 – gastropods of egypt and sudan

Author: giuseppe giulio battaglia – silvana bertoli battaglia

Publisher: youcanprint

ISBN: 9791221405361

Provided on request

Provided on request


From the words of the authors: In our fifth Malacological Diary we have illustrated the Shells and their Molluscs of Tunisia and in particular those of the Islands of the Gulf of Gabes.

The sea around the Kerkennah Islands and Djerba is very different from the Mediterranean which familiar to us due to the shallow depth, the pronounced tides and the consequent currents, and therefore particular marine habitats are formed in which it is possible to easily find very rare or even endemic species, while it could be rarer to meet some common Mediterranean ones.

As we have already specified in previous works, our images, in large format and high resolution, are essentially meant to be a simple contribution to the pleasure of observation and to the knowledge of shells.

Languages: Italian and English

Edition: 2022