a taxonomic iconography of living conidae volume 1


Author: eric monnier – loic limpalaer – alain robin – christophe roux

Publisher: conchbooks

ISBN: 9783939767916

Provided on request

Provided on request


The authors needed the best part of eight years to complete this comprehensive panorama of the family Conidae. These gastropods are of particular interest to a variety of audiences: collectors for their beauty, taxonomists for their challenging systematics and pharmacologists for the conopeptides that can be developed from their venoms. The main purpose of this book is to present all the recent species considered as valid. The species concept is based on shell, as well as radular morphologies, developmental mode, molecular characters, geographical ranges and ecology. The presentation of both volumes is richly illustrated with almost 6700 specimens that represent more than one thousand species and subspecies, some of which still pending description.

Edition: 2018

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