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the superyachts volume 5


Author: aa.vv.

Publisher: boat international media ltd

ISBN: 508393705

3 in stock (can be backordered)

3 in stock (can be backordered)


Amongst the pages of the 5th volume of “The Superyachts” is a wide selection of superyachts that although may contrast each other in terms of design, complement each other in construction. There is a true sense of a combination of old and new in this 1992 issue (as trends show an increased interest in the restoration and refitting of classic superyachts, 1991 also saw the most orders of yachts over 40-metres than ever seen before). For this reason, it is a pleasure to present the wonderfully classic 1928 23-metre cutter Astra, alongside the somewhat radical, “ahead of their time” new constructions of Eco (with her unique bubble like superstructure and triple water jet propulsion), of Thor V (the 32.6-metre Frank Mulder design labelled a “wild yacht”) and of the American “floating Ferrari”: Shana II.

Yachts featured in this volume: • Astra • Away • Be Mine • Carmac VII • Conny Fever • El Bravo • Esprit • Katamarino • Maffy Blue • Maracunda • Mirabella • Miss Turnberry • Pegasus • Philante • Quaeso III • Shamwari • Shana II • The Other Woman • Thor V • Toxotis PIII

Edition: 1992