riva in the movie – artwork edition


Author: franco barbolini

Publisher: riva (ferretti group)

ISBN: 9788894378856

1 in stock (can be backordered)

1 in stock (can be backordered)


“RIVA IN THE MOVIE” ARTWORK EDITION is a collector’s book that will stir your emotions, featuring a cover that encapsulates the essence of the legend of Riva.
It was made with craftsmanship mastery by a fine woodworker, infinitely passionate about the woods that make Riva boats unique.
The base is made of mahogany wood, a Riva classic, bearing the title “Riva in the Movie” in steel.

The sophisticated artwork, however, is in the upper portion. The clapperboard, made of white striped sycamore maple, is raised to reveal a planing Aquariva that packs a phenomenal amount of skill, details, materials.
The image was created with birch, eucalyptus, Bolivar, walnut burl, horse chestnut, ebony, plane and Sapele mahogany woods and richly decorated with a mother of pearl inlay – pale blue Australian and white Tahitian.

Stunning to look at and touch, it expresses the breadth and depth of Riva’s heritage.

Black leather spine.

Languages: English and Italian.

Edition: 2021

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