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Subtitle: cantieri navali campanella centennial 1915-2015

Author: carugati d.g.r.

Publisher: mondadori electa

ISBN: 9788891805294

Provided on request

Provided on request


The author wrote: “In this book I have sought to take the measure of the conceptual process at Mondomarine, only apparently an easy task, and access the extraordinary efficiency of the shipyard as it works in partnership with outside designers. I came to understand that the latter could not be separated from the former, with Mondomarine’s work being aimed at attaining significant design as the project within the project. Hence analysis of the design process revealed the perfecting of comparison, choice and opportunities pursued. […] Mondomarine confirms its principal identity in the constitution of a fleet of maxi and mega yachts whose hallmark is the typological diversification of the seagoing craft produced.”

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