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grazie carlo


Author: piero maria gibellini

Publisher: piem

ISBN: LDM1700147253

11 in stock (can be backordered)

11 in stock (can be backordered)


From the foreword entitled Grazie Carlo: […] This book wants to be the testimony of your creed and I hope that the ratio between image and content is satisfactory: an image meant not to amaze, but to testify your creative and entrepreneurial life; a content that aims to indicate to ship-owners how you wanted your creations, because only with respect for originality the historical value can be preserved and your memory honoured.

From the preface by Lia Riva: […] With the passionate heart of the lover and the analytical gaze of the expert technician, Architect Piero Maria Gibellini tells the story of the Riva motorboats and of their creator, making alive and contemporary the charm of boats symbolizing a dream which the world today needs more than ever.

2 volumes with imitlin slipcase.

Foreword by Lia Riva.

With writings by Carlo Riva.

Languages: English and Italian

Edition: 2023