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the american sailboat


Author: jones g.o.

Publisher: haynes publishing

ISBN: 9780760310021

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1 in stock (can be backordered)


This book traces the distinguished history of this sport in the United States. It chronicles the unique boats that defined the American boat-building community and the sailing experience. A detailed examination of the evolution and innovation of American sailboat design and construction is provided. This includes the relationship between work boats and pleasure boats, the explosion of the recreational boat-building industry, the wood era, the transition to fiberglass, classic “glass” and modern era boats. It covers the following prominent manifacturers: Alden, Herreshoff, Cape Cod, Sparkman and Stephens, Hinkley, Catalina, Tartan, Pearson and many others. Classes of American sailboats include: Schooners, A to E Scows, Sloops, Yawls, Ketches, Catboats, Dinghies and One Designs.